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Side Hustle

Side Hustle MicroGrant Program

Applications Open on January 3rd, 2024

Side Hustle MicroGrant Program


Do you have a great business idea to make some money on the side but you don't have the cash to get it started? The Side Hustle MicroGrant program is for those with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to put ideas into motion. Applicants can apply for up to $500 in non-repayable funds to start a side hustle and test a business concept. Funds can be used towards supplies, permits, equipment, marketing, and professional development, as approved by the Program Coordinator.

For pre-existing entrepreneurs, funds can be used towards creating a new service or product to expand a current business, though funds are not meant for direct sales, multi level marketing, or to go towards purchase price of an existing business. We have varying intakes (as advertised) focusing on youth, women, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and newcomers to Canada. Applicants must also meet the following criteria:

  • You are a resident of the Meridian Region
  • Applicants must have a business idea and fill out the basic application with acceptable detail
  • Successful applicants must participate in 3 modules of online learning: Intro to Side Hustle to help create a basic business plan (Total 3 - 5 hours)
  • To be considered a youth applicant, you must be over 15 years old

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Program Objective

The Side Hustle program is intended to support business plans that contribute to one or more of the following goals:

  • Promote the success of entrepreneurs: proposals will be submitted by entrepreneurs and/or the business will be managed by an entrepreneur.
  • Promote the sourcing of products, services, or materials in the Meridian Region: preference will be given to retail specific applications who either source product or service(s) directly from within the Meridian Region or research the opportunity to source product or service(s) in our Region.
  • Promote the patronage of community markets or research opportunities to sell product or service(s) through a regional market network.
  • Engage residents of the Meridian Region in the "Intro to Side Hustle" curriculum including basics in financial literacy, marketing, and customer service and sales.

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Intro to Side Hustle


The Intro to Side Hustle program consists of 3 modules of no more than 1 hour each, with follow up based on your need. Have a question? We're here to help! The modules can be completed in hardcopy form or online. In either case, you will work with one of our Program Coordinators to guide you through each module.

The modules are built around an introduction to starting up a side hustle business! They will help you become confident and ready to go when the time comes to launch your product or service. Modules follow the basic guideline below and the Program Coordinators are here to assist with more resources along the way:

Module 1

Will focus on assessing your skills and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. You will work to define your product or service -- what it is and where it fits in the marketplace. You will build an effective product or service description which will guide you through the process

Module 2

Will focus on the development of your basic business plan using the "business canvas" tool

Module 3

Will focus on basic financials and a mini marketing plan

Looking for more financing?

The Side Hustle Microgrant Program is an amazing way to get on your entrepreneurial feet, test out a product or service, and get to know the market without a huge risk. However, if you are looking for a little more cash to get your business going or to expand a current business, check out what Community Futures Meridian Region has to offer with secured loans of up to $10,000. Your successful participation in the Side Hustle Microgrant Program gets you fast tracked for potential approval!

CF Meridian Region provides entrepreneurs with small business loans up to $150,000 when traditional financial institutions are unable to help. Loans are available for new business start-ups, business expansion, or to stabilize an existing business. A loans committee comprised of community volunteers is involved with the loan review process. Contact our office for more information or to request an appointment. We can meet with you in our office or travel to a more convenient location for you!

Phone: 306-463-1850
Email: office@meridianregion.ca


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