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Ten Questions to Increase Sales

  • September 3, 2019
  • Written by Community Futures Meridian

Here is a quick guide to the questions every salesperson should ask themselves when selling just about anything. It’s a 10-minute read to get you thinking more about the sales process and how you handle it; it’s also a guide to making more sales.

  1. How Do I Prepare?
    1. What is the main objective for this call?
    2. What am I selling (clue: benefits not product)?
    3. Who is my competition?
    4. Do I have all the necessary information?
  2. How Do I Build Rapport?
    1. Fact: customers say yes to people they feel comfortable with.
    2. Can you recognize what personality/behavioural style you are dealing with?
      1. Analytical
      2. Driver
  • iii. Expressive
  1. Amiable
  1. How Do I Qualify?
    1. Does this person have a need for what I’m selling?
    2. Am I selling to the right person?
    3. Have I answered the question: who is the decision-maker?
    4. Have I analyzed the situation/company and discovered who is who?
      1. Initiator
      2. Influencer
  • iii. Buyer
  1. Decision-maker
  2. Evaluator
  3. User
  1. How Do I Probe and Clarify?
    1. Do I keep going after I have asked one question, or do I switch right into the sales pitch?
    2. Do I clarify the answers to previous questions?
    3. If I ask, “Are you in the market for our service?” and the customer says “no”, do I ask what that “no” means (not now, never, or they haven’t in the past)?
    4. Do I take into account the differences in people’s perceptions – that “soon” may mean two weeks to me and overnight to the customer?
  2. How Do I Establish Agreement?
    1. Do I get my customers into the habit of saying yes?
      1. “Would you like to save your business/family hundreds of dollars?”
      2. “If I could show you a way, would you be interested?”
  • iii. “Can we go ahead?”
  1. “Do we have an agreement/deal?”
  2. “Can I write that order up?”
  1. How Do I Handle Objections?
    1. Do I find out the exact reasons why a customer decides not buy my product or service?
    2. Do I know what objections I am likely to face? And, do I know how to answer them?
    3. Have I shown the customer why the features, advantages and benefits outweigh their objections?
    4. Do I know my competitor’s weaknesses and how to sell against them?
    5. Do I welcome objections as a sign of interest and recognize that once all objections have been answered I will have a sale?
  2. Do I Use a Question to Close?
    1. Have I summarized the benefits and customized them to this client?
    2. Have I got the customer to agree that my product or service meets his or her needs?
    3. Have I remembered my ABC’s (Always Be Closing)?
    4. Have I asked for the order?
  3. Do I Have a Satisfactory Follow-Up System?
    1. Do I stay in touch and make sure the customer is happy?
    2. Do I value the importance of maintaining relationships?
    3. Do I know who would prefer me to call often (Expressives/Amiables) and who would not (Analyticals/Drivers)?
  4. Do I Always Evaluate Each Presentation?
    1. Do I evaluate
      1. myself
      2. the presentation
  • iii. the relationship
  1. my strategy.
  1. If all went well, what did I do right?
  2. If it was unsuccessful or didn’t feel right – what did I do wrong?
  3. What could I do better?
  1. Do I Practice Goal-Setting?
    1. Do I have a clear definition of what I want to achieve?
    2. Do I have short-term goals?
    3. Do I have long-term goals?
    4. Am I committed to achieving my goals?
    5. Do I have a plan of action to carry them out?

Success in sales is about how you handle yourself prior to being face-to-face with a prospect and even more importantly during the time you are interacting with them. Use the list above as a best-practices crib sheet for healthy sales.

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