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Meet Mary, Manager of Provost Daycare Society

  • Written by Community Futures Meridian

Meet the lovely, Mary - Manager of the Provost Daycare Society. We had the luxury to chat with Mary and hear her thoughts on different challenges she faced while running a non-profit society and how Community Futures Meridian provided support. 

1.) What were some challenges you faced in your business prior to working with CF Meridian?

We had outgrown our current space and needed to find a larger space to operate our daycare.  As a non-profit society we found it difficult to borrow money to finance a large project.  Traditional lenders based their calculations on the appraised value of the finished project and with the downturn in the economy in the Provost area, due to oil prices declining, our appraised value was not high enough to generate the amount of financing we needed.


2.) How has CF Meridian helped your company reach their goals?

Meridian helped us by providing us with additional funds for our project.  They were willing to work with us and the bank to give us the level of financing we needed.


3.) What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received from working with CF Meridian?

The greatest benefit was, of course, that we were able to proceed with our project.  We now have a large, bright daycare for the children in our town.  The number of families that we’ve been able to accommodate has doubled in size and we are currently at maximum capacity.  As the number of children have increased, so has our staff.  We’ve hired an additional 4 employees since our expansion.  We have young women that have chosen childcare as a career that we’ve been able to provide jobs for.                                                                              


4.) Would you recommend working with CF Meridian to other business owners? And why?

I would definitely recommend CF Meridian, Jeanette and the rest of the staff were great to work with.  They really believed in us and helped us reach our goal.


5.) What is one phrase of encouragement you have for other individuals who are operating a business?

Have a concrete business plan!


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