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Four Steps to Connect with Customers

  • November 9, 2022
  • Written by Community Futures Meridian

It goes without saying that customers are the life-blood of any company. Connecting with them and
maintaining meaningful relationships are top priorities for every business. So, identifying your best
customers, and thinking about why they buy is crucial. With that knowledge you can steer your
company’s marketing messages in the right direction and encourage customers to buy. Follow this four-
step process to do just that!
1. Identify your best customers. Even though we wish that “everyone” would be potential
customers for our business, the reality is that only certain segments of the population will
convert from leads to buyers. Figuring out who your best customers are will save your business
a ton of time, effort and money. It makes great business sense to spend time on this important
step, and in marketing circles it’s called creating Client Personas or Client Profiling. Can you
close your eyes and imagine your typical best customer? Think about their age range,
geographic location, gender, family status, income level and leisure activities or hobbies.
Developing Client Personas is crucial for the next step of the process, so it’s a great activity to
spend time on.
2. Recognize why they buy. When you get down to the fundamentals, you’re in business to solve
problems for your customers. They have a problem, and if you have the right solution, a
transaction takes place. But it’s not that cut and dry, there are so many small steps along the
way that encourage your customer to solve their problem with your particular solution.
Understanding why customers buy is essential to this process. Big tip . . . it involves emotion
and identifying the underlying need the customer has. Are they looking to improve safety,
reduce stress, feel relief, share joy, show love, feel pampered? Your solutions to their problems
will make them feel something, and your excellent customer service will keep them coming
3. Brainstorm creative ways to reach your customers. Now that you know who your best
customers are, and why they buy, you have a better chance of connecting with them through
your marketing efforts! The best advice on this topic is to pay attention to not only attracting
new customers, but to retaining your loyal, best customer base. They already know, like and
trust you so re-connecting with them is often easier and less expensive. Did you know it costs
5x more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? 1 It’s true! You’ll want to
develop marketing campaigns that address the needs of both new and existing customers, to
keep those sales coming in.
4. Keep the messages targeted, consistent and where your customers will see them. Planning out
your marketing activities in advance, and thinking about the goals you want to reach with each
initiative is a winning strategy. Taking this approach makes it easier to delegate parts of the
marketing process to others, whether that means staff or contracted marketing help! If you
want to employ the DIY method, and keep yourself on track, completing a marketing action plan
is a great approach to take. Check out this resource sheet on the Community Futures
Saskatchewan website: https://cfsask.ca/advice/tips-and-tools (Market Budget Worksheet).
Identifying your best customer groups, recognizing why they buy, and consistently connecting with them
will take the guess-work out of your marketing. Knowing more about your customers means you can
provide them with great solutions to their problems. And planning out your marketing efforts, including
the goals you want to achieve, makes good business sense!

1 Saleh, Khalid, “Customer Acquisition Retention”, invespo, November 11.

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