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Shine a Spotlight on Your Business 

  • November 9, 2022
  • Written by Community Futures Meridian

Every business has a compelling story to tell. Working day-to-day in our businesses, we can forget what
a big impact we make in the lives of our customers. It can be the little things that count.  A welcoming
smile, a short conversation, a solution to a client’s problem . . . we listen to customer needs and provide
the right fix, every single day. We also accomplish some big wins in our business that go unnoticed by
others because we just don’t want to make a fuss! Why not write and then share those good news
stories, so more people can see the difference your business makes in your community? Here are five
easy steps to take, if you want your business to gain positive media attention!

1. Short-list story ideas. This is where your creative juices can start flowing! Involve your staff
when brainstorming story-worthy topics. They can provide a whole new perspective on what
makes your business so compelling and special.

 Business milestones: Celebrating key anniversaries, showcasing the combined years of
experience of owners and staff, and highlighting unique business certifications or awards
are attention-grabbing topics for a story. These are outstanding accomplishments that can

 Business evolution: Re-counting your business start-up and growth is fascinating to readers.
When an entrepreneur seizes opportunity, takes risk and overcomes challenges to attain
their business dreams, it’s inspiring and motivating to others! It also helps your potential
customers get to know you, before ever stepping foot in your business.

 Business involvement: If you’re involved in local initiatives or events, spread the word and
highlight this community-building aspect of your business! You’ll gain attention for that
worthy cause, plus you’ll tell a story about your own values and your business vision to
support the community.

2. Make it easy for the story to shine. If you want your compelling story to grab media attention,
supply the items that make media’s job easier: a press release and photo. That press release
provides the facts about your story, will pique their interest, and encourage a media rep to
contact you for a short follow-up interview. The photo is the icing on the cake . . . it’s worth a
thousand words, after all!

3. Share the great news not only with your media list, but also online. Now that your story is built,
share it on your social platforms and website. Tag the people, non-profits or businesses that
you mention in your story, if appropriate. They in turn will share on their social accounts,
spreading your good news even further.

4. Be ready for the sound-bite. If you send your story to the media and they decide to run with it,
you’ll need to be ready for the inevitable interview. Know what your key messages are, have
information about your story on hand, and put a smile on your face (and in your voice) during
the call. Then take a deep breath and let the public get to know the authentic, amazing business
person that you are!

5. Go back to your list, and share more news-worthy stories about your business. As you spend
time thinking about the compelling aspects of your business, your story short-list may become a
long-list! That’s great, keep recognizing all the ways your business stands out from the crowd by
consistently developing great stories and sharing them with media, your social fans and the
general public.

Telling your business story will help to shine a spotlight on the different, unique or community-building
aspects of your company. Step out of your comfort zone and follow these five easy steps to gain some
positive press and attract new fans to your business!

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