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A 10-Step Goal-Reaching Guide

  • March 16, 2022
  • Written by Community Futures Meridian

Following the lead article in this month’s newsletter, you may have thought of some corporate goals which would be advantageous to your company’s growth. The following ten steps will help you reach those goals. Get a notebook or journal or use an electronic device and commit your plan and its progress to paper.

  1. Identify one or two of your most important goals and write them down. Be concise but provide enough detail to be clear about what you want to achieve. Break down your goals into action points and objectives.
  2. Write down why this particular goal is important to you or your company. List the reasons. It is critical you fully understand the motivation behind your goal(s). They have to have a purpose.
  3. Create a list of staff, family members, and anyone else important to you and the company and share your goals and objectives. Ask for their help and enlist at least one person whose job is to keep you honest – that is, keep you on track.
  4. Note down the information, knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to implement the action points listed in your objectives. Solicit the help of senior employees, mentors, and experts, while also carrying out your own research.
  5. Describe what outcome would constitute a win for your business. For instance, how will you tell whether you are making progress or have reached a goal? What difference will it make to your company’s bottom line or market share?
  6. Acknowledge that there will be setbacks. List the things that could go wrong on the journey to reaching your goal(s) and plan for them. Think: if (a) happens, we’ll do (d). If (b) hits us, we’ll pivot and go to plan (z).
  7. Set a personal intention. Write a note briefly outlining your intention, using anything from a paper post-it note stuck to your computer screen to a reminder app providing a daily pop-up message. Keep your intention constantly in front of your mind. Monitor how you feel about your goal(s) every day – perhaps use a one-to-ten scale. Note it down! If you begin to lose enthusiasm, ask yourself why? Do you need to change the goals or some of the objectives? Sustained motivation is critical; without it, you will drift off track.
  8. Communicate regularly with everyone involved in helping you reach your goal(s), either directly or indirectly, and seek their feedback. Be ready to pivot as and when necessary. If any member of your team has an observation, encourage them to reach out to you rather than wait for you to ask.
  9. Track progress on your action points and objectives. Regularly review whether you need additional information or external help. Set small targets on the road to reaching your goal. Tracking constant forward motion is vital.
  10. Celebrate achievements, however minor—both your own and those of the other players helping you.

A little planning goes a long way. Those thoughts you had about your company’s future will remain just that, thoughts unless you actively work toward making them a reality. Don’t let your company hang out for too long in “status quo land,” or you’ll find it falling behind the competition.

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